“We thought God had forgotten us.”  These were the words from people in a Pygmy village in Congo, that were spoken to our missionary partners.  Unfortunately, this phrase is repeated by drug addicts, human trafficking victims, the homeless, prisoners, overwhelmed teens, moms, CEOs, celebrities and so many more.

Our desire is to reach the hurting locally, nationally and internationally as much as possible by using whatever means we have available to us.  We want to reach the lost with the message of Jesus Christ, and support Christians in their walk of faith.  Our goal is to let people know they are not forgotten.

Whatever you do to one of the least of these, you do it to me.
                                                                                   Matthew 25:40

Uncle Jackie


Uncle Jackie was an orphan from Congo who used to take me, a young child, to sing at churches in England where he would preach.  When I was 4 he was killed in a road accident as he was preparing to go back to Congo as a missionary to his own people.  He planted a seed in my heart that has developed into a love for the Congolese people, and over the last few years we have been able to make a difference in the Uvira, D.R. Congo area.


Fahamu, Jonni, and Aziza Kibambazi
left to right: Fahamu, Aziza, and Jonni Kibambazi

Our partners in Congo are Fahamu and Jonni Kibambazi and their new baby daughter, Aziza. They have over 1,300 kids in preschool and 45 orphans, they teach widows a trade such as baking or sewing and others how to raise animals and crops so they can support themselves and their families, and they also provide training for pastors and leaders.  Fahamu and Jonni go to the Pygmy community on a regular basis to remind them, they are not forgotten.

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