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This is a place for you to share your prayer requests and have people all over the world joining together to pray regarding your needs. This is also a place where we want to celebrate your answers to prayer. Please allow us the privilege to pray and praise with you.

Prayer Requests

Cancer diagnosis

My friend has been diagnosed with cancer and given a short time to live. He would appreciate your prayers. Pat from Great Britain

Please pray for me

I have struggled with my self worth for many years but have grown so much over the last year from listening to your coaching. I feel like I am becoming a new me. The real me! Thank you for teaching me about who I am in Christ and that I am not all the things. . .

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Please pray for my son

He is an alcoholic. He is only in his mid-twenties but has lost so much due to his drinking. Rich from Nashville, TN

Praise Reports

Thank you

What you said a few weeks ago about following your heart really confirmed what I needed to do about starting a ministry. Thank you for letting God use you. I am now stepping out in faith and doing what has been in my heart for a long time. Kath from NY

Thanks for praying

Thanks for praying for my child’s surgery. It went well and he is healing faster than expected. Chloe from TN

I got the promotion

I got the job promotion and won’t have to work 60+ hours every week now! Thank you, Lord. Steph from TX

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