Are You Living Murphy’s Law?

‘If it can go wrong, it will go wrong’.  Does it feel as though this is your life’s motto?  Everything you put your hand to crumbles.  All your good intentions fail.  Nothing goes right.  You get up in the morning, and it’s down hill from there.  That’s Murphy’s Law.

I have good news!  Let me tell you about God’s Law.  His Law is every bit as real as Murphy’s Law and as reliable as the Law of Gravity.  It is, however, melded with lots of grace and mercy, and laden down with love and acceptance.  Strength and courage are required, but those are just an umph away (that would be British for tri-umph :0)), and direction and purpose can be asked for at any time.  Oh yeah, and we can totally trust that “all things work together for our good” if we love and serve the Lord.

After World War II had come to an end, there were some towns and rural areas in Europe where nothing changed.  The enemy still engaged in military bullying, lives continued to be snuffed out, Jews stayed in hiding, people remained on guard, all because they didn’t know they were free.

Read God’s word.  It is very clear that if you have accepted Him as your Savior and Lord, you now live in freedom.  A few folks don’t know that, but many more know it, they just don’t believe it or live it.  Jesus died for your freedom from the things that have you tied in knots; depression, sexual sins, inferiority complex, lust, pride, fear, anger, abortion, ___________ (go ahead, fill in your blank), and so much more.

So how can you live in freedom?  Here are a few steps from the battle field:

  1. Surrender to the Lord. Give in.  You know you can’t fix what you can’t fix.
  2. Say you’re sorry for your part in whatever got you to this place and whatever has kept you there.
  3. Change what needs to be changed. For example; if you have a problem with pornography, get filters on your computer and block channels on your TV.  If it’s self-esteem, do not allow your mind to think negative thoughts.
  4. Read the document. Find out what the Bible says about ___________, then believe it and do it.
  5. Become a new you.  You can do all things through Christ, all things can become new.
  6. Trust God to be who He says He is and do what He says He will do.

Get started today.  Name at least one thing that is holding you captive.  Now, begin the process.  Freedom is so worth it.

God Didn’t Answer My Prayer

Have you ever prayed for something really important and God didn’t answer your prayer?  Sure you have.  We all have.

When I was a young girl in Ireland, my family lived in a semi-detached house with about six small back yards attached to each other.  They were all fenced, but not enough to keep any human, or animal for that matter, in their own space.  It was in this place that I decided God would surely love to bless me with a horse, and I would settle for a pony if necessary.  So, I began praying for this equine blessing.  Every night before I climbed into bed, I would get down on my knees and ask the Lord to deliver a horse to my back yard, and every morning I would look out my parent’s bedroom window, to view the backyard in search of my blessing.

After a few days of petitioning the creator and owner of the cattle on a thousand hills, ‘I’ll Have Another’ did not appear in my back yard, thus it was obviously time to get more serious in my request making.  So I went to church and filled out a prayer request card, after all, this was important business.  I dropped it in the offering plate, and funny thing, my mom gave it to me a few years ago.  Anyway, I believed God would answer my prayer, and I kept checking for my horse every morning for…hmmm, at least a few more weeks.

The moral of the story is that God knew better than I did: there wasn’t enough room for a horse, the neighbors in our subdivision might have had a problem with it, not to mention my parents.  How would we feed it, I would only be able to ride it if it learned to take mice size steps, and the list goes on.

God does answer our prayers, but not always with a ‘yes’.  Sometimes it’s a straight up ‘no’ and sometimes we get a ‘wait’.  Personally, I can’t stand the ‘wait’ answer.  Limbo is way worse than ‘no’.  At least with a ‘no’ I can move on (usually) but that ‘wait’ has the potential to drive me crazy!  Until…I let go and trust the Lord.

We don’t see the big picture, but He does.  He knows ultimately what’s best, we don’t.  Let go.  Go ahead, trust Him.  It’s ok.  He’s trustworthy.


(For those outside the USA, ‘I’ll Have Another’ is the name of a recent famous race horse.)